This time last weekend I was heading towards the airport to go to Munich! I made a rather last minute (6 days before, to be exact) decision to join my friends and go to Oktoberfest for the weekend. My friends are from New Zealand but living in Leeds, and apparently Oktoberfest is such a bucket list thing for them; people in the UK know what it is, but I don’t know many people who’ve actually been before. We attended the festival for the Saturday, and oh boy, what a day! It is honestly the craziest place I’ve ever been – so many people and such a vibrant atmosphere, even at 10am!

We flew with EasyJet, and the flights only a couple hours so that wasn’t too bad. I was sat next to a lovely German woman who gave me loads of recommendations for the best tents to visit at Oktoberfest, and what food I could have being vegetarian. Very helpful stuff!


On the Friday night we arrived to Munich Airport and made our way towards our hotel in Halbergermoos. It was such a fab place as we had a huge apartment/dorm – there was a kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and 8 beds in total, 2 more than we actually needed! Although the location was quite far from the festival, about 40 minutes in an uber, it was nice not staying in a super touristy area. In fact, pretty much everyone we saw around that area seemed to be locals! We headed to an Indian restaurant just down the road called India King for the nicest meal everrrrrr. Although having curry the night before fitting into a short dress probably wasn’t my wisest idea. #bloated

The festival gets filled up quite early, so we made sure we arrived by about half 10ish. I’d been really worried that I wasn’t gonna enjoy it as I’m not a beer drinker, but honestly the beer there is pretty bland tasting (not as overpowering as some of the beers I’ve tried before!) and the novelty of the steins is fun. I hadn’t realised this at first, but you can also order a stein of cider, or a white wine spritzer which is what I got for the rest of the day. Top tip: make sure you eat! You’re constantly drinking alcohol and on the day we went it was sunny too, so it’s super important to keep your stomach full. As a vegetarian, I thought I’d struggle slightly, but it was okay actually – I just ate a lot of pretzels, apple fritters, fries, and Kaese Spaetzle which is a German dish that’s basically mac and cheese with fried onions – a whole lotta deliciousness. The food from the stalls outside were reasonable prices, but when you order meals when you’re sat down in the tents they can get very pricey!

Outfits wise, it seems our attire wasn’t the best choice… We just got our outfits off eBay, the cheapest ones we could find. They were short, admittedly, but the kind of thing that most UK people wouldn’t really bat an eyelid at. But wow, they sure did in Germany! We got the most awful looks off girls, people blatantly whispering and pointing. Where’s the niceness at girls?! None of our group had been before so we weren’t sure what to expect, but if I ever went back I’d be sure to find a longer dirndl – it’s not worth the uncomfortable feeling. That being said, it’s more down to others not to judge people purely on looks but that’s a whole other post…

You meet so many people when you’re there, it’s honestly such a fun experience. We met Americans, Germans, Australians, and more! People are just so chatty and up for a good time. We had to leave by about 7pm though, as the beer really gets to you when you’ve been drinking it all day long! I’d go back to Oktoberfest in future, but would maybe pace myself a little better. I don’t know how people go for days in a row though, that takes some skill!

On the Sunday our flight wasn’t until 9:45pm, so we thought we’d explore Munich for the day – totally not realising that pretty much everything was shut! Only food places were open, and although we definitely worked through these, by early afternoon time we just headed straight to the airport. Free wifi and no panic of missing our flight! It was raining and cold on the Sunday too, a definite contrast from the sunny Saturday! We did go to a lovely brunch place though, called Kaffee Aroma. Would recommend!


Have you ever been to Oktoberfest? Or would you like to go?


Thanks for reading!


Georgia xo


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5 thoughts on “Oktoberfest, Munich”

    1. Hey Christina! Yes it was sooo amazing – I’d definitely recommend going, it’s such an amazing experience! Yeah there was one in my local city which I didn’t get chance to visit, but think I may have to do that one if I can’t make it to Munich again next year! Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! xx

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