Slightly belated, but we’ve still got the whole year ahead of us right? 2016 was a fantastic year for me, after a few not-so-great ones. I have a really good feeling that 2017 is going to be just as wonderful!

Here are some little things that I want to work on this year – I’m not naïve enough to think I’m going to complete them all, or that by the end of 2017 I’ll be some yoga loving size 6, but any step in the right direction to being healthier and happier is good enough for me.

  1. Drink more water. This is a resolution every single year and I can never do it! I drink hardly any water, I drink when I’m thirsty and that’s it. C’mon 2017, let this be the year that me and water become besties.
  2. Do more exercise. Like most of the population, I’ve joined a gym which I *intend* to stick to permanently. Realistically, I give it a month and I’m out (praise the lord for contract-free gyms). My goal to do more exercise is more of a general thing; take the stairs instead of the lift, walk to work instead of getting the bus etc. Baby steps!

  3. Feel more confident. This definitely improved in 2016, as beforehand I had extremely low self confidence which is not so nice. For me, getting my lips done made me loads more confident – and no, that’s not me necessarily recommending cosmetic procedures – but the main thing is do whatever you want to do to feel good about yourself. A key thing I need to continue working on too is not to let others knock my confidence; that guy isn’t interested? His loss. Try not to take everything personally or putting yourself down by over-analysing situations.
  4. Cut out toxicity. I did this last year and it works a treat. Negative friendships, relationships, whatever – cut it. You don’t have to put up with anything or anyone, and if it’s making you unhappy, why even bother? If I ever find myself annoyed at someone for a genuine reason (not just a little argument with friends) and it made me a bad person by wanting to bitch or say negative things, that’s a bad influence on me and I don’t want it – cya.

  5. Blog more. You knew this was coming! I’ve been super rubbish at blogging lately as life got real busy, but as soon as I start writing a post I remember how much I love it. A big goal for this year is to grow my blog, do a variety of posts and really put the TLC into it that it deserves. Gotta keep Chasing New York!
  6. Be spontaneous. I’ve found myself doing this more and I LOVE it. Whether it’s friends inviting you to a last minute holiday, or a night out, or a date – just do it. Often the best memories are those that were completely unplanned. My trip to Oktoberfest last year was spontaneous, booking flights just a week before, but it was the best weekend!
  7. Have things to look forward to. Although spontaneity is great, it’s always a good idea to have plans too. Even if it’s just dinner with a friend on a weeknight, it gives me something to look forward to and breaks up the working week.
  8. Work work work. Within reason. I’ve been at my current job a year now, and I still love it as much as when I started. It’s a wonderful company who really look after their employees, and I can see myself going far in it. This year I want to put my all into my projects and really prove myself and what I can do.

  9. Stay in touch. As a rule, I’m usually good at keeping in touch with friends and arranging to catch up often. However, my new pledge is to keep in close touch with family. Since moving out, I still see my immediate family often but have missed out on trips to see the grandparents as I don’t drive. I’m fully aware that life can be cruel, and I can’t think of anything worse than regretting not spending as much time with them as possible if anything were to happen.
  10. Be a good person. It’s really nice to actually like yourself as a person, something I didn’t do for so long. Knowing that you’re kind, thoughtful to others and a good friend is the best feeling, so do whatever you can to keep that feeling alive.


What are your New Year’s Resolutions? Let me know in the comments!


Thanks for reading,


Georgia xo

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