It’s been over a month since New Year’s Eve, and although the January blues have faded, I’d still much rather be in Amsterdam stuffing my face with carbs. But wouldn’t we all? Thinking back to happier times, here was my first trip of 2017, where I welcomed the New Year in Amsterdam.



My trip in December was my first trip to Amsterdam, but it’s somewhere I’ve wanted to go for so long. It’s so full of culture and really is an amazing place to be – I’d definitely consider living there in a few years time. We went for New Year’s Eve on a bit of a whim; no club tickets booked (which if you’re actually wanting to go to a club, you definitely should book as everyone said everything was fully sold out by the night itself) and actually ended up having the most fantastic time at a friend of a friend’s house party in De Pijp. Watching the fireworks going off while standing on a balcony in Amsterdam was definitely a surreal feeling, one of those ‘wow, life is great’ moments for sure.

The not-so-secret foodie in me thoroughly enjoyed this trip also, feasting on everything from apple pie (which for the record, was the best apple pie of my entire existence) to churros to french toast to creamy carby pasta-y goodness. Literally, everywhere you look in Amsterdam is just complete food porn. That, paired with my lack of self restraint, is maybe a great reason for why I shouldn’t live there…

We were there for a couple of days, but the only museum we had chance to do was the Sex Museum. It was great, surprisingly cheap and a great laugh. Definitely a funny one to do with friends/your partner! I’m so disappointed that I didn’t get chance to see the Anne Frank museum – her diary was one of the first books I remember reading and I was really emotional and impacted by it even at a young age, so this is somewhere I definitely want to visit the next time I’m in Amsterdam.


Top tips to note:

  • Coffeeshops sell weed, cafés don’t – I always had assumed it was the other way round, but this is one to remember!
  • Travel passes are your friend. We paid €25 for a pass that included free trains, buses, trams and ferries. As we were staying slightly out of the centre, this was very helpful and much cheaper than we’d expected.
  • Bicycles get priority over everything – so even if the pedestrian crossing is green, keep an eye out for cyclists!



I’ve kicked 2017 off to a great start travel-wise, something I fully intend to keep up! With Dublin booked for St Patrick’s Day, a 9 day trip to Budapest, Krakow and Warsaw at the end of April, France in August then potentially Sail Croatia, expect a whole load of travel posts from me this year!

Have you been to Amsterdam? What other places do you have on your travel to-do list this year?


Thanks for reading,


Georgia xo

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