Lip fillers have recently become the ‘big thing’ (thanks to Kylie Jenner) and it seems everyone is getting them, or at least wanting them. I first got lip filler in May 2016, and since then I’ve had a total of 3.5ml and it’s totally transformed the shape of my lips. I always hated my lips and wanted them bigger; they just didn’t suit my face and made me look so young. Also, after forgetting to wear my retainer post-braces (note to self: don’t do that!) I had to fork out a big chunk of money to get my teeth re-straightened – but because of my thin lips I still hated my smile. So, in this post I’m going to tell you everything about my lip filler experience and hopefully answer any questions you may have had about them!


All taken straight after the filler was injected! 1st: before 2nd: after 1ml 3rd: after 2ml in total 4th: after 2.5ml in total
All taken straight after the filler was injected!
1st: before
2nd: after 1ml
3rd: after 2ml in total
4th: after 2.5ml in total (they were super swollen here, they look way better now they’re settled!)



Does it hurt getting lip fillers?

Honestly, nowhere near as much as you’d think! I’m not majorly squeamish, but if I think about needles and injections too long I can really get myself worked up. I’d say lip fillers are about a 4/10 on the pain scale – you can feel the needle going in and a slight sharpness, but it’s not too bad and the whole procedure is over so quickly that it’s totally bearable. You get numbing cream before the injections, and my best bit of advice is make sure you put the numbing cream on the inside of the lip too; the first time I got mine done, the friend I went with told me this as she used to work with a lip filler practitioner. I know other friends who didn’t apply the cream on the inside of the lip and they say that the injections did hurt!


Top: before lip filler Bottom: after 2.5ml in total


After the procedure, your lips feel tingly and slightly heavy. I usually don’t bruise too much (except for my top up in December – scroll down for more info!) but this definitely varies dependant on the person – some people bruise a fair bit, but this goes down after a couple of days. Bruising, swelling, unevenness, lumps, tenderness etc are all totally normal whilst your lips are going through the swelling stage though, so don’t panic! I always find that my lips are the most swollen the day after – I wake up and it’s like woah, where did you come from?! You’ll learn to love the swelling stage though – this lasts for a few days (again, this varies from person to person) and at first you’re slightly shocked by how big they get, but as the swelling fades and they reduce you’ll find yourself wishing for them to be that size again!




The swelling stage can be different every time and doesn’t seem to depend on how much filler was used, just sometimes you react differently. I actually think my lips were biggest during the swelling stage after my first 1ml, perhaps because my lips reacted more as they weren’t used to the filler. But, as mentioned earlier, they do go down a lot once the swelling has faded! During the swelling stage you can expect side effects such as lumpiness, bruising, tenderness etc – any extreme symptoms, consult your practitioner, but typically all of these symptoms are fairly normal and varies between individuals based on how they react. The time in December I got my lips done (0.5ml, taking it up to 3ml in total) I had the worst bruising I’d ever experienced – which of course, was the week before my work party! It wasn’t any more painful than the other times, it just was more extreme bruising than I’d previously had. So keep this in mind if you’re planning on getting lip fillers before any big events – leave at least 3 weeks to let them settle incase of any bruising.


Swelling stage after 0.5mls in December, taking my total amount up to 3ml.


How much do lip fillers cost?

So the lady I go to is super reasonable (and so talented) – I pay £180 for 1ml, which is really good compared to the £250-£350 other places charge. I definitely don’t go just for the price though – she had done a few of my friends’ lips and I really liked her work. Without a doubt, go to a practitioner for their work and not the price – it’s not worth risking your lips/face just to save a bit of money! My practitioner uses Juvaderm/Teosyal grade 3 filler, which is one of the best ones on the market.


Before: No lip filler with lipliner and lipstick, After: 3ml of filler in total with plain lip balm

How long do lip fillers last?

The filler I get is supposed to last 6-9 months, but at the start I’ve was going fairly frequently; this is because I needed to build up the size I wanted first, and then when I reached the right size (when I got to 2.5ml) I now only need to maintain the size with top-ups, which can be more spread apart. I’ve had 3.5mls in total now – 1ml at the start of May, 1ml in July, 0.5ml towards the end of September, 0.5ml mid December and 0.5ml at the start of April. Typically, top-ups should be spaced apart by 6 months as this is the usual amount of time it takes for the filler to decrease, but for me personally I feel my lips go down slightly quicker so I reckon I’ll space my top ups 4/5 months apart instead. I love the size of them now, so I’ll maintain this size and won’t go much bigger. It is super addictive getting them and I can see how easy it is to get carried away, but if your practitioner is a good one (like mine is!) they’ll tell you when to stop and will refuse to give you too much if they don’t think it’ll suit you. The most recent time I went wanting 1ml, but my practitioner only let me have 0.5ml as she didn’t want to risk them going too big.


Top: Before any lip filler, Bottom: During the swelling stage after 3.5ml in total

Lip fillers before and after care

So prior to getting your injections, you’re not supposed to drink – similarly to a tattoo, it thins your blood therefore makes you bleed more during the procedure. In all honesty I’ve gone out the night before (and straight after!) getting lip fillers and it’s not really made much of a difference to bleeding. Afterwards, avoid smoking for 24 hours (the pursed lip action can displace the filler) and avoid sunbeds for 2 weeks. Any minor lumps are normal and can usually be gently massaged out, but for any more major ones you should get in touch with the practitioner and seek their advice – they can either add more filler near it to even it out, or inject some dissolvent to reduce the lump.



To summarise, I’m beyond glad I made the decision to get lip fillers – I’d debated it for so long and was worried incase they went too big after the first ml, but 1ml is just the standard amount and whilst it does make a difference, it’s definitely not enough of one that you’ll absolutely hate it – and if it is, you can just get it dissolved. My lips used to be so dry and cracked and now they’re always hydrated and the shape is much more defined. It’s improved my confidence SO much and I feel like my face looks way more proportionate now I actually have lips!



UPDATE: Considering this is my most viewed post, I thought I’d do a little update and add some more photos and information. Below, the left side collage is before any lip filler, and I feel my face looks slightly odd and I look very young (admittedly, I am younger – but I do feel my thin lips made me look younger, too!). The right side collage is after varying amounts, and I personally think lip fillers makes my face look way more in proportion. In the middle left picture on the right collage I can see they look quite fake/oversized, as I’d used liner and gloss which makes them look plumper, but day to day I’ll just use a plain lip balm and they’re the perfect size for me.


I hope you liked this post, and if you have any questions at all feel free to post them in the comments – I’m happy to answer any queries you may have!


Thanks for reading,


Georgia xo






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16 thoughts on “My Lip Filler Experience”

    1. Thanks so much Lizzy! I get them done at Adel Aesthetic Practice, a lady close to me who’s been doing it for years and years now! Would highly recommend if you happen to be from the Leeds area! Thanks for stopping by ♡

  1. Hi Georgia, your lips look really good! I’m in the Leeds area and have been researching clinics to go to but it’s so hard to decide. Could you possibly give the name of the lady who does yours and contact details for the clinic?

    1. Hey Sarah, thank you so much, and thanks for stopping by! Honestly cannot recommend Diane enough – I’ve brought all my friends along and they all say how professional she is but most importantly how natural they look – no-one can ever guess I’ve had filler! Sure thing, her Instagram page is and think her contact number is on there. Be sure to let me know if you have any questions at all! Xxx

  2. Hi!

    Just come across this blog and was really interesting. I’m booked in next week to get 1ml of juvederm and I’m slightly apprehensive! I want them to look as natural as possible, no trout pout or the duck look, just a fuller top lip and more of a shape in general. I thought maybe 0.5ml would be enough but the practitioner advised that 1ml is pretty average and people who get 0.5 generally come back for another 0.5.

    What do you think? Should I just go for the 1ml? Would it really make a massive difference to my lips?

    Thanks! X

    1. Hey Caitlin,

      Yeah, for ages I was convinced I only wanted half a ml because I didn’t want to go overkill but really 1ml is the perfect amount. I’m super happy with the shape/size of mine now and I’ve had 3ml (1ml, 1ml, 0.5ml then 0.5ml) so trust me when I say 1ml is the perfect first time amount! I know friends who got half and didn’t see enough of a difference so went back for more pretty much straight away. Another tip, ask your practitioner if they think tenting would work on your lips – this basically means they flip the top lip upwards with gives it a nicer shape. This worked for me as I had a tiny top lip that disappeared when I smiled, so if yours are like that too I’d definitely recommend that method! Let me know how you get on xxx

  3. What method did they use for lip tenting? My lips are almost identical to yours ,when I smile you can barely see my top lip. I hate that in a 3hour radius from me there is no good practitioner for this (there is plenty of doctors but their work is pretty mediocre) which means I will have to take about a 9hr car drive to go see an experienced one . I love your end result

    1. Hey Ale, basically instead of injecting it straight into the centre bit (they also do the vermillion border, but inject some into the cushion bit, too) they inject it from a downwards angle, up in to the lip. This just flips the top lip up slightly! Oh no, that is a pain – but definitely worth doing it with an experienced professional, faces are too precious to risk it going wrong! I’ve seen plenty of disastrous lips, even from some fully trained professionals, so it’s definitely worth doing some research around a practitioners work to ensure you’re definitely happy with their style. Feel free to let me know if you have any more questions! Xxx

    1. Hey lovely, thank you! At the end of the day I think it’s all about how you feel – it gave me such a confidence boost that I didn’t care what anyone else thought. Also, people are so shocked when they find out I’ve had filler as they said my lips still look natural! They feel totally normal, still all squishy haha – it depends on the type of filler you get though, some types are really hard which gives that awful duck pout look. There’s a huge misconception that your lips will go masssive the first time you get filler which is definitely not true – I’ve built mine up over 4 sessions, which is better than suddenly having huge lips and struggling to get used to them! Let me know if you have any more questions xxx

  4. Hi.. luv your lips! I had no lips as well and they were uneven. Finally got the courage up to get them done. The only thing i regret was not getting them done years ago!! I just luv them now and like you have so much more confidence. Would luv to see u with a beautiful colored lipstick on though. I have so many colors ill never have to buy any again!! Congratulations!! My advise.. if your unhapoy with your lips.. do your research.. then fo for it!!

    1. Thanks Heather! I couldn’t agree more, so glad I just went for it as it’s made such a big difference to me and my confidence! Lovely to hear it’s had such a positive effect on yours too xxx

  5. Ahh you look amazing! Loving the blog, thanks honey! Going for fillers tomorrow – found your blog via Pinterest!x
    You look amazing before as well x lips tho are wow! 👄

  6. This is serious, your appearance is very interesting after doing filler. Where did you get the treatment? I also think to get lips like that. After searching for many references, it looks like I’m going to do a filler at the body clinic of the dutch. The best place with professional and experienced doctors. I hope the result will be as good as you

    1. Hey Lily, thanks for commenting! I agree, I feel my whole face looks super different after getting lip filler – I used to be very self conscious of my nose, but since getting lip filler I think my face looks way more in proportion. I get mine done at a place called Adel Aesthetics in Leeds, UK! That sounds perfect – always best to do your research and go to somewhere you trust! Let me know how it goes xxx

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