On Wednesday evening I had a flying visit to London, stopping by the Bubbleology branch on Rupert Streeet, Soho, for their blogger launch party celebrating their new alcoholic cocktails. I wasn’t there as a blogger, I was there for the marketing side of things as they’re one of our clients who we do social for (Snapchat in particular being my thing – check out BubbleologyUK). Maybe one day I’ll be a blogger at blogger events though, who knows!



For those of you who don’t know, Bubbleology is a bubble tea brand which has several locations around the UK and overseas. Their new cocktails are only in the Soho branch at the moment, and I’d say they’re more of a novelty for bubble tea lovers rather than a location you’d visit purely for alcoholic drinks. That being said, the drinks were delicious and definitely unique with the boba and jellies that can be added into them!

It was a super fun evening, albeit short and sweet (we only spent 2 hours there before our train home) and as always it was a pleasure being in London. It has such a buzz about it which I absolutely adore, especially at night. The swarms of people, the lights, the music, it just has so much energy and life. It was only the week before last when I was previously in London for Social Media Week (check out the blog post on that here) so it was nice to head back so soon. I definitely intend on planning a weekend down there in November/December, to do some well needed Christmas shopping (Forever 21, I’m coming for ya) and some other festive things like the theatre or some Christmas markets.



The event was the launch of their new cocktails, featuring flavours including everything from Malibu to Coffee Liqueur. There was a raspberry & malibu one and a caramel one which were my favourites – but I feel like I’d be hard pressed to find a cocktail I didn’t like! I enjoyed socialising and getting to meet some people I’ve only known over email – it’s so weird meeting someone IRL that you’ve spoken to via email for ages, they’re never quite how you expect! Whilst I was there I obviously had to get the odd Instagram story and Snapchat too – duh!



Our short trip was soon ended by a late train home, only after a compulsory Leon. As a veggie, it’s too damn hard to get a good burger (McDonalds is one of your only bets and it’s distinctively average) but Leon’s Halloumi Burger is the stuff of dreams. Leeds, up your game and get a Leon – please. Sincerely, everyone.

Hopefully my next trip to London will be on less rushed terms and I’ll get chance to explore a little more, but heading down for work events is always a nice day away from the office with different surroundings!


Photobooth fun with @amy__liz @bubbleology 📸

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Have you tried bubble tea? What’s your favourite area in London?


Thanks for reading!


Georgia xo

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