It’s been nearly 3 weeks since my holiday in Orlando, Florida came to an end. Ever since I returned to gloomy England – which, to be fair, has actually had okay weather for once – I’ve just been so desperate to book another flight out to somewhere, anywhere.

As a family, we usually spend our summer holiday in France, but with this being the first holiday since I moved out and most likely one of the last family holidays I’ll attend, we went all out and spent 2 weeks in Florida.

It was literally the most amazing holiday, minus the 95% humidity – how do people live in that?! Everything is so picturesque and beautiful, I was completely in awe. Even the supermarkets far outshine the UK ones – Target is officially my new favourite place!

Here were my favourite things about the holiday:


We stayed in the most wonderful villa in a gated community called Cumbrian Lakes, located in Kissimmee. It boasted 6 bedrooms, a games room and an outdoor pool, and the open spaced layout made it feel so airy and spacious.

The location was fab, as we were only a 20 minute drive from Disney and Universal and a 10 minute drive from all the local restaurants and shops. With that being said, we really enjoyed going home to a non-touristy area at the end of the day to unwind and relax. There was even opportunity for some local wildlife spotting, as we spotted an armadillo and an alligator around the lake just behind the house. It was at this point that we really appreciated the mesh covering around the outside area!


It is also worth noting the amazing decor. Palm tree delight.



The heat over there allows you to wear literally any type of summer clothes – a luxury you don’t often find in the UK! I took full advantage and purchased all the summer fashion I could find – mainly crop tops and shorts from Forever 21 (this is where at least 80% of my holiday money went!) – and basked in the gorgeous weather. We spent most of our days walking round Disney/Universal, and even with as minimal clothing on as possible, it was still so flipping warm!

Sunglasses: Ebay, Top: Zara, Shorts: Forever 21
Sunglasses: eBay, Bandeau: Forever 21, Shorts: Primark


However, the trip certainly had some fashion disasters… Excuse the hat, even I had to admit that fashion must be put on hold when the Floridian sun is quite literally frying your scalp.


Bag: Primark


Oh Sephora, how I love you. Two visits and I’d well and truly satisfied my monthly makeup desires. I got the Dipbrow Pomade in medium brown and the concealer in shade 1.5. My previous Dipbrow was still full, but in dark brown, which has seemed a touch too dark since I got highlights a few months back. OTT brows are a big no! The concealer is fantastic too – I’d originally bought it in shade 1 at the start of my holiday, but the advisor told me I could bring it back and swap it if I tanned and needed a darker concealer, which I did!

My lovely friend who does lash extensions hooked me up before holiday which was a life saver, as a combination of the heat, humidity and swimming pools makes mascara a bit of a nightmare. I also feel so much more comfortable going makeup free with these on, as it’s my eyes I feel most self conscious of without makeup anyway. I went makeup free a lot of the holiday too, which my skin loved me for! Oh, hey freckles. 


Daytime look – Although the natural look is fab, I also wanted to wear a bit of makeup when we went out during the day. I tended to opt for the look below – either nothing on my face or a light BB cream, under eye concealer, eyebrows, top eyeliner, bronzer, lip liner, lip balm and sometimes a dash of colour in my crease just to make my eyes pop. Wow, reading that back it actually sounds like a lot… Wait until you hear how much I slap on for most nights out. *face palm*

Evening look – It was the last night, I had to make an effort! The crazy hair was all thanks to my younger sister, who I had forced asked to plait my hair virtually every day that holiday. Shout out to you girl!
P.S. Shout out to Snapchat for the butterfly filter – we all love you for it.




So let’s get this straight – I LOVE FOOD. I eat so much of it. But, I’m super fussy. I honestly lived on pasta and cheese for the majority of my childhood. I’m also vegetarian (and have been all of my life), which significantly reduces my dining options.

Now, picture that reduced group of food which I can eat in the UK… and reduce it by 80%. Yep, that’s the vegetarian offering in America. Well, I’m completely generalising there – I assume places like New York and California are more with-the-times (I have to hope so with wanting to live in NY!) – but Orlando was certainly very restricted.

This was a curse, but also a blessing. What do you do when there’s no dinner options? Stuff your face on breakfast and ice cream, of course! Shout out to IHOP – Leeds, what are you playing at?! Please get one. Please. 

I got totally hooked on the Red Velvet Pancakes with cream cheese icing – so much so that I absolutely accepted holiday weight gain with open arms. So worth it.

We tried the most incredible ice cream ever at Universal Studios – Salted Caramel Blondie from the ice cream shop in Diagon Alley. You NEED to try this! It will quite literally change your life.




Ah, sunlight! Something you rarely see here in the UK. The weather was beautiful – early 30s pretty much the whole time. I’d been majorly stressing before we went because the forecast had shown storms and rain the whole time – what if I went all the way to Florida and didn’t even come home with a tan?!

I love getting a tan; I’m part Maltese so tan super easily, and I think I look 100x better with a tan. Thanks Florida, that’ll last me until next year!

P.S. I really didn’t look like this at the end of the 2 weeks. I blame IHOP.


Looking for some fun things to do in Orlando? Look no further. The main activities we did were Disney and Universal. We went to the different Disney parks (Animal Kingdom, Magical Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios) but Universal Studios was the definite winner for me. It was just so much fun, and although Disney was so magical, the rides and movies at Universal were more up my street. I was amazed by how beautiful it looked – everything from the buildings to the palm trees to the sunsets. So Instagrammable.


By the way
– how tasty is Butterbeer?! I’d heard from a friend that it tastes awful and not to waste my money – don’t listen to your friends kids, this shit is amazing. It’s creamy, vanilla flavoured and just all round delicious. I tried the frozen one, which was a life saver in the Florida heat too!

We also visited Disney Springs, which is filled with restaurants, bars and shops. Unfortunately we only discovered this on the last night, otherwise we’d have definitely visited more! It was so picturesque and bustling with life; it had such a wonderful buzz. We finally found a place that had vegetarian options (!) called the Wolfgang Puck, which definitely hit the spot. With it being our last night, we also HAD to try Key Lime Pie to finish off our Florida holiday. Totally the right call.



All in all, it was without a doubt the best holiday of my life and made my love for America grow even more. IHOPs, Instagram-worthy landscapes and sunshine – what more can a girl want? Minus the 21 age restriction for alcohol (so not cool), it really is perfect.


Next stop? New York! (I wish…)

Where has been your favourite holiday location and why?


Thanks for reading!


Georgia xo

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3 thoughts on “Orlando, Florida”

  1. Hiya!
    So I have to admit – I’ve been to Florida twice and never tried Butterbeer, I will definitely be trying it when I go in November. I was put off by bad reviews but I’m excited for it this time.
    Looks like you had a a amazing time. Your post has made me even more giddy about going!
    Much love, L x

    1. Hey Lauren!

      Oh my gosh you NEED to – same, I was expecting it to be gross and bitter tasting. It couldn’t be any further from that – it’s like a creamy vanilla slushy (the frozen one is anyway). Let me know what you think!! Oh it was so fabulous, such a special place. Super jealous of you going so soon!! Have the best time lovely.

      Georgia xx

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