Yep – it’s actually a thing! Oh… My… GOD!



Friends Fest has been touring around the UK, and it consists of: Monica’s Apartment, Joey’s Apartment, Central Perk Cafe set tour, Friends clips shown on a big screen, a Vegas Chapel photo op, Silent Disco, Smelly Cat sing-a-long and great food & drink concessions (including a Mockolate stall!). The tickets cost £25 and although the event itself was relatively small, you could spend a couple hours there going back to all of the different areas and sets. Monica’s apartment was definitely my favourite part – it was so realistic! The big screen playing the episodes in the background was a nice touch too – there was deck chairs where people could sit down and watch while going between sets! ‘The Last One’ episode was playing at one point, with the scene where Rachel gets off the plane to confess her love for Ross – all the feels. But seriously, Phoebe’s right – something is wrong with the left phalange…



Friends is one of those shows where an episode can come on and I know I’ve seen it, but it’s still great to re-watch. It had an incredible cast and really was iconic! It’s a series that people will remember for many years, and isn’t just a passing fad or the current trend. I absolutely loved going into all the different sets which were incredibly accurate – even down to the food on the shelf in Monica’s apartment! A lot of thought went into this and it really showed. I was kinda gutted that Janice didn’t show up though – Maggie Wheeler  had attended a few of the nights, and as we were the opening night of the Leeds shows we wondered if she may make an appearance… Guess you can’t have it all though! 



I always try to do fun social things a couple times a week, but unless there’s a specific event on, this usually just ends up as going out for a meal and drinks. Although this is fun, it’s nice to do something a little bit different! I feel like every episode of Friends is going to feel slightly more special now…


So #friendsfest was all I ever wanted in life and more 💖 #friends #monicasapartment

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Are you a Friends fan? What do you think of Friends Fest?


Thanks for reading!


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