September welcomes the start of a new month and a new season, and also the time I’ve finally got my arse in gear and set up a blog. Woohoo!


Thank you so much for stopping by, and please do check out my about me page whilst you’re here! As an introductory post, I thought I’d bore the hell out of you share a few important life lessons I’ve learnt in the past week. After coming back from 2 lovely weeks in sunny Orlando then going straight to a 4 day music festival, it’s safe to say I’m feeling slightly out of sorts. Post-holiday blues combined with sleep deprivation and the most prolonged hangover of my life made this week a slight struggle! So, I thought I’d take some time to stop and reflect what things I really need to be focusing on to get myself back on track.


1. The importance of speaking up. When the realisation hit that summer is finally over, I also found myself completely buried as everything in my life seemed to go to shit at the same time – life’s great like that, huh!? It’s way too easy to allow yourself to get weighed down with all the mounting issues, which then turns a handful of minor problems into a negative mindset equivalent to a worldwide disaster. Not good. I really work hard on keeping positive through tougher times and not letting myself get stuck in a funk. I’ve definitely learnt how to recognise when I’m going through a tougher time and take the necessary steps to feel better. Top tips: (1) take some time to relax, cool down and not stress about the things you’ve been stressing about, (2) talk to someone about it, even if only to get it off your chest rather than seeking advice, and (3) binge on junk food. The latter is undoubtedly the most important.


2. Retail therapy always helps. Admittedly, those shopping trips which consist of ‘sold-out’ and ‘why-doesn’t-anything-fit-me-anymore’ are enough to drive any sane woman over the edge; but sometimes the best fix for any type of woe is going out and treating yo self. On a budget? Primark pjs, a £1 Superdrug face mask and a Netflix night (comedy films only!) has the same therapeutic value. Have some you-time and just breathe.

*Side note: wine definitely helps too.


3. You will eventually get bored of eating pasta every night. It’s been over 3 months since I flew the nest to live by myself, and although I’ve had no significant disasters so far, I certainly haven’t mastered the skill of cooking. I am genuinely struggling trying to think of a night within the past few months when pasta and pesto hasn’t been on the menu. Looks like my September is going to be spent teaching myself to cook…


4. Music can completely change your mood. Do not underestimate the power of a good rhythm! Although the urge to turn on Celine Dion is all too tempting when basking in ones self pity, do yourself a favour and put on some perky tunes to boost your mood. I swear I read somewhere that it’s impossible to be sad when singing along to Dancing Queen. Check out my Spotify (a work-in-progress) for some inspo, but just promise me you won’t stop reading my blog if you hate my music taste…


5. Tiredness and productivity cannot co-exist.
 I really can’t deal with a lack of sleep at the best of times, but after jet-lag and a 4 day festival I found myself so sleep deprived that I could barely remember how to speak. It’s so easy to get distracted and do a half-job when you’re not on the ball, so I’m focusing super hard on making sure I’m on my A-game.
Here are some top tips: 
Night mode is your friend. Using your phone before bed is bad, as the blue-and-white lights keep your brain awake and mess with your internal body clocks and prevent you from falling asleep. However, if you’re like me and can’t resist a late night newsfeed scroll, try make sure night mode is switched on; it uses your iPhones’s clock and geolocation to determine the time in your location, then it alters the colours of the screen to the warmer end of the spectrum, making it easier on your eyes and helping your brain feel more ready for sleep!
Secondly… Do you have trouble staying awake during the day? When you get to work, start the day off with one hot drink and one cold drink. Alternate between the two, as this keeps the brain alert due to the varying temperatures. Disclaimer: I read this in a trashy magazine so it could be total bull. Sounds believable though, right?


And that concludes my very first blog post! #monumental


Thanks for reading!


Georgia xo



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