Say hello to darker, colder and bleaker days – usually enough to make me feel glum, until I remember that it’s nearly Halloween, then it’s Bonfire Night, then it’s Christmas! I’m honestly the most festive person ever, I just think there’s something about this time of year which gives everyone a reason to be jolly. The cold weather means I spend less time out and about compared to summer, but I’m always keen to keep busy with plenty of fun activities.



So, just in case you were wondering… Here are 7 of my favourite autumnal activities:


Apple picking

I absolutely love apples – in juice, pies, muffins, pretty much anything. Apple picking always seems like the cutest past-time, and since I’ve been teaching myself to cook lately, I reckon I’m now at the point where I could try make something up with them! If you go out apple picking, ensure you pick the firm, bruise free apples, and the ones on the outside of the tree are the most ripe. Apple pie is probably my favourite dessert ever, so I’m definitely keen to attempt it sometime soon!


Home decor

First of all, I wish Christmas decorations were a year round thing. They make any house looks so much more homely and cosy, I love it! But until it’s socially acceptable for that, I’ll have to make do with some autumn decorations. Pine cones, conkers, dried oranges, wreaths (kinda Christmas related but we’ll let that one slide) all add personality and a special touch to your home. Even just some fairy lights can add a little sparkle!


Pumpkin carving 

It’s not just for Halloween! Pumpkin carving is a fun activity to get stuck in with. You can make some pretty cool creations to decorate the house with, and use the leftovers to make a variety of pumpkin based food; pumpkin pie, soup, muffins, pancakes and more! If you’re feeling particularly experimental, you could even try replicate Starbuck’s iconic Pumpkin Spiced Latte. That sounds far too expert for me though, so imma stick with my brew for now!


Movie marathon

Whilst being outdoors-y is fun and all, sometimes you just wanna Netflix and chill. No, I mean actually watch Netflix and chill… I know what you were thinking though! Considering we’re so close to Halloween, it’s only right to indulge your inner horror geek with some spooky classics. Hocus Pocus, The Addams Family or Casper are great classic choices, or for something a little creepier opt for pretty much anything in the Netflix Horror category.



This one is obviously extremely weather dependant, but if you’re lucky enough to choose a cold but dry day, an autumn picnic is a fab way to spend your afternoon. Be sure to bring oodles of blankets, food (duh) and drinks (preferably alcoholic for me). There’s something so warming about sipping hot mulled wine (or hot chocolate, I’m totally happy with either) from a flask whilst being wrapped up in tonnes of layers surrounded by the crisp autumn air



For once I’m talking about this word not in the makeup sense, but now that the weather’s significantly colder, I find myself wanting to stay in more and cook/bake! We all need extra layers of fat for winter, right? I’m super keen to improve my cooking/baking skills and learn some tasty recipes to add to my collection. I made a delicious Curried Sweet Potato Soup the other day (check out the recipe here) and there’s nothing quite as good as sitting down and tucking into a hearty meal when it’s cold AF outside. I’ve been scouring Pinterest to find some recipes I want to try out next; the top ones I’ve found are Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls, Apple Pie Fries and Apple Pie Croissant Bites. Can you tell I like apple pie?! I’ll be sure to keep you all posted with any festive recipes I try out!



Had to work it in here somehow! But in all seriousness, I love shopping for autumn/winter clothes and adding to my already ridiculously full wardrobe. Layer, big comfy sweaters, and of course – slipper socks! Autumn/winter fashion is my favourite by miles; I love the rich colours like burgundy, browns and reds which so effortlessly compliment the season, and I’m a real boot enthusiast so I love when the time comes for them to come out again!


Feel inspired for autumn? Check out my Autumn/Winter Pinterest board to get yourself feeling even more festive!


What are your favourite autumn activities?


I hope you liked this post, and thanks for reading!
Georgia xo

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