Once Bonfire Night is over and done with, the next thing to look forward to is Christmas. Yep, it’s nearly here! Guess it’s time to make a list, right?

I’m always so bad at making Christmas lists – throughout the whole year there’s thousands of things I look at and think ‘oooo I want it!’ but when it comes to sitting down and writing an actual list, my mind draws a blank. Pressure! However, to avoid the usual overload of socks and shower gel, this year I’m determined to put the effort in and make a list with plenty of amazing gifts for my family to choose from. Stuck for inspiration? You’ve come to the right place! Check out my Christmas Wishlist for Girls, and most importantly, beauty lovers.



Christmas Wishlist

(in no particular order…)


  • Giorgio Armani Si Perfume
    This stuff is my favourite! I worked on a Giorgio Armani counter (cosmetics and perfume) for a few months when I used to work in beauty, and I got totally hooked on their products. I’d never even considered them before (most probably due to the hefty price tag) but some of their products are incredible. Their foundation, Luminous Silk, is probably one of the best I’ve ever used for giving that natural dewy finish without looking cakey. If it’s good enough for Kim K, it’s good enough for me! Their perfumes are also worth talking about – their Privé collection is hella expensive, but really is to die for – a couple spritz last the whooooole day. But until I get a significant pay rise (still dreaming), my trusty Giorgio Armani Si will definitely do the job.


  • Passport Holder
    Since I’ve got lots of fun travels planned for next year (keep an eye out for updates on this!) I thought it’s only fitting to ask for a lovely passport holder, for all of the insta-worthy travel shots I’ll be posting! I’ve found quite a few that I love, how will I ever choose?! The ‘outta here’ one is super cute – you can get that here. Also from the same site, which I only just discovered, is the adorable black and white cover and luggage tag – help, which one do I go for?!


  • Big by Lush
    This shampoo is too good for words. I have long hair, and quite a lot of it, but it’s naturally fine and the weight of it means I don’t have any natural volume towards the root. So, to make it look (kinda) presentable, I use this shampoo and a shit tonne of mousse! This product is like big chunks of salt in a liquid which foams up when you rub it in your hair. Sounds odd, but it is the dream for adding some volume and texture to fine hair!


  • Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream
    Say bye to bad skin in cold weather! This super hydrating cream is thick, but literally melts into your skin. The rose is also really soothing and calming, which is great for me as my cheeks go red, especially in cold weather. The great thing about Dr Hauschka products is that they’re natural and have no nasties, so even those with sensitive skin can enjoy the dreaminess of this product!


  • Spectrum’s 8 Piece Eye Blending Set
    Because what girl doesn’t need more blending brushes, right?! Even though I’ve got enough to last me for the next 20 years, I’ll forever jump at the opportunity to be treated to some fresh brushes. I’ve never actually used any of Spectrum’s brushes before, but they get rave reviews and the packaging/brushes themselves are so beautifully designed. Just praying that they get restocked ASAP…


  • Pandora Rose Gold Timeless Elegance Ring
    IN LOVE. I’m not usually a huge pandora enthusiast, I’ve only got 2 rings from there (My Princess Tiara in silver and Hearts of Pandora in rose gold) but they sure do some lovely pieces. I couldn’t decide which ring to get out of this one (although at the time I only saw it in silver) or the rose gold Hearts of Pandora one, but as the majority of my jewellery is rose gold I opted for the other one. So imagine my delight when I go on the Pandora website to see they do the Timeless Elegance ring in rose gold!!! An EXTREMELY happy Georgia. Hoping I’m on the good list this year!


  • Makeup Geek Foiled Pan Eyeshadow in Grandstand
    Trust me when I say I have enough eyeshadow palettes to start my own shop – a few years working in cosmetics paired with an inability to resist staff discount means I now boast a very impressive eyeshadow collection. However, I’ve always wanted a super pigmented warm gold, the ones I’ve got at the moment are towards the yellow side. I had my eye on the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette for ages as I love the gold shimmer tone in there, but I can’t justify paying £38 for a palette when that is the only colour I’d be buying it for. This Makeup Geek pan seemed the perfect compromise! I’ve never used the brand before but have heard great things from beauty bloggers, so I’m sure I’ll love it!


  • Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and Facial Spray
    I’ve been dying to get my hands on these products for so long! We used to sell them on the counter I worked at in Harvey Nichols, and hardly anyone bought them and they were definitely shadowed by the other brands we had available. Typically, about a month after I’d left, Kylie Jenner announced that she uses the facial spray! I also heard that the drying lotion is amazing for tackling pesky spots; as a rule I have good skin, but after a weekend of drinking or unhealthy eating I sometimes get the odd spot. I’ve just ran out of my Origin’s spot treatment product so thought I’d give this one a whirl!


I’m also really keen on the idea of getting a new camera – one to take detailed makeup pictures and product shots, and maybe one with a good video function too if I decide to start vlogging/using YouTube! Do you have any reasonably priced suggestions? Please let me know in the comments!


Georgia xo

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist Ideas”

  1. I love your list! It is always so hard narrowing down what you should buy for Christmas. I just want it all!! 😩 Great choices you picked!! I love Makeup Geeks shadows! I bought a few duo chrome ones recently, to add to my collection and they’re so beautiful! I really love their products! (Their brushes are pretty good too) great post! 💕💜

    1. Ahhh thank you Jenn! I know right – it’s also tricky finding things I want that are in a reasonable price limit to ask family for! I definitely need to get on this Makeup Geek hype, I’ve heard such rave reviews! Yeah they look super pigmented which is what I’m after haha. Thanks so much for stopping by lovely! Xx

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