Huuuge apologies for being the worst poster ever lately – life got a little very hectic!

Amongst the craziness, I managed to squeeze in a quick weekend break to Portugal. Not bad, right?!

My auntie and uncle moved to Burgau, Portugal a few months ago and I’d been really keen to go out there; but with Christmas, moving house and saving for Amsterdam, I couldn’t really justify a few hundred on flights for the weekend. So imagine my complete delight when Ryanair had flights for just £9.99 each way! Ironically, my uber to the airport cost more than the return flights… *Face palm*. I was definitely expecting to find some hidden charges at some point due to baggage allowance, as I know that’s where the cheaper airlines try get their money, but luckily I packed light and avoided any potential charges! Winner.

I flew from Leeds Bradford Airport to Faro on Friday afternoon; there’s something about flying on my own which I just love. I can just take the time to chill, listen to music and roam around duty free – bliss. The flight was only 3 hours which isn’t so bad, then I arrived in Faro in the evening where I headed straight to my uncle’s villa. The resort they’re staying on is so gorgeous, although I was totally baffled by how many English people there was – I’d say about 70% of people we came into contact with were English!

Another thing that was definitely British was the weather – unfortunately it seems I brought the awful weather with me! It had been bright sunshine up until Friday, and got sunny again as soon as I left. Sooo typical! Despite the hailstones and rain storms, it was still 17 degrees which was a pleasant change from the -2 it currently is in England now.

I didn’t let the weather hold me back though – I surfed (or should I say attempted to), ate tapas, drank wine and all the other things one must do when in Portugal. For £9.99 flights each way as well, who am I to complain!

On my last day, I visited a mall called Aqua which just so happened to have a Sephora! I’d seen this palette but had initially dismissed it, as I feel these huge style palettes are generally poor quality. However, when I realised it was the Sephora brand, pigmented colours and just €26, you can bet I was alllll over that shit! Expect a full review on this gorgeous palette real soon…

It was so refreshing to get out of the country for a bit and do some exploring while staying on my budget. Portugal was so beautiful, I love the style of houses out there. I can only imagine how incredible it must be in summer – I’ll definitely be back. And now, I only have 3 weeks to go before I’m hopping on another plane to Amsterdam for New Years Eve! So many exciting travels planned for 2017 too, I can’t wait.


Have you got any trips booked soon? What was your favourite holiday of 2016? Please let me know if you have any recommendations for Amsterdam cafes/things to do too – would be hugely appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

Georgia xo

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