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Georgia. Digital Marketing Executive. 20. UK.


Despite the highly misleading title, I actually live in a UK city with the ultimate life goal of having my feet (preferably in Louboutins) firmly placed in New York, being a girl boss and ruling the digital marketing world. I’m a way off from that point yet though, so feel free to stick with me on my journey to getting there – which is currently in Leeds wearing New Look loafers. *sigh*


I work in digital marketing, which I adore. I’m super lucky to have a job which I love, when realistically at this age I thought I’d be living in student accommodation spending 80% of my life drunk. I live in a lovely house, have a great social life and only spend 70% of my life drunk, which I feel is far more acceptable.




Confession time: I have an unhealthy obsession with make-up. Nurtured by my teen years spent working on various cosmetic counters part-time whilst at school/college, I am a self confessed makeup geek with zero shame.

Confession no.2: I spend a little too much time on Pinterest and pretty much all types of social media. Good job I work in digital, right?! I’m such a Snapchat geek I could pass a degree with flying colours, if there was one – and there totally should be. That also brings me on to my next point… I did things a little differently to how I expected I would, as I decided not to go to uni and to go head-first into the world of work. When an oppportunity comes knocking, so they say!


Still intrigued? Wow, I’m flattered! Here are some completely useless things about me that you may (or may not) have wanted to know:


Likes: Autumn, Chai Lattes, 80’s films, good eyeliner days.

Dislikes: Rude people, bad eyeliner days, diets and mushrooms. Really dislikes mushrooms. Update: I now actually like mushrooms, after 20 years of detesting them (enough so to write it in my ‘about me’ section) – anything is possible.

Fun facts: I’m vegetarian and have been all of my life, I’m double jointed in both of my thumbs, I’ve had 8 piercings and 2 tattoos and I was 2nd choice to play Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. Ok, so one of those may be a fib.


So, now you know me probably better than I know myself. Congrats!




Join me on my ramblings of day to day life, beauty tips and trying to make my life as Carrie Bradshaw-esque as possible.


Thanks for reading!


Georgia xo


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